Fire Fighting Equipments

Stand Post Type Water and Foam Monitor


Oil Sector, Refineries, Chemical Plants, Fertilizers and Fire Tenders etc.

Materiel : Seamless Mild Steel Tubes
Size of Monitor : 63 mm
Size of Inlet Flange : 80 mm
Construction : Welded From M.S. Seamless Pipes, Bends, etc.
Discharge Capacity : 1750 LPM
Horizontal Throw : 50 - 55 Meters
Rotation : 360 o
Elevation : 58 o to 30 o
Joint : Swivel Type (Gun-Metal)
Jet Spray Nozzle : Gun Metal or Aluminium
Operative Pressure : 0.7 N/mm2 at Nozzle End
Leakage Pressure : To withstand a pressure of 2.3 N/mm2
MS Cabinet Double Door
MS Cabinet Single Door
MS Cabinet Single Door
Water Curtain Nozzle Stainless Steel
Water Curtain Nozzle Brass
FX - 10X
FB - 5X
Multi Purpose Nozzle
Fog Nozzle
Triple Purpose Nozzle
Revolving Nozzle
Foot Valve Strainer
Sprinkler MV Spray Nozzle
Gun Metal Air Release Valve
B.A. Set
Gun Metal & Aluminum
Dividing Breeching
Camlock Coupling
C.I. Draw of Connection
Gun Metal
Draw of Connection
Double Female Adapter
Adapter Double Female Lugs
Double Male Adapter
Suction Coupling
with Butterfly Lugs
Gun Metal Adapter
Stainless Steel Adapter
Aluminum Adapter
Gun Metal Adapter
Fire Bucket
Fire Blanket
Water Flow Indicator
Fire Bell